Injector Removal

Professional Injector Removal

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The ever increasing problem of siezed and failed Injectors can be solved without the need for removing the cylinder head. We use specialist tools from Pichler to make sure the injectors can be removed, with a limit of 20 tons pulling power we have never failed.

The pictures on the right demonstrate why these injectors can be so difficult to remove! We have vehicles booked in every day for this procedure as it is now a common occurence and getting it wrong will often require a replacement cylinder head.

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Fiat / Iveco / Peugeot Boxer 2.3 and 3.0 Engine

The Iveco sourced engine featured in Iveco, Fiat and Peugeot vans and motorhomes is another common setup for seized Injectors. Water makes its way onto the rocker cover and causes havoc. We have the correct tooling to remove these from your Daily, Boxer and Ducato.

Brought to us after attempted repair by another garage and injector top snapped, we were able to extract it and replace:

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Renault / Nissan 2.0 M9R Engine

The worst cases we have seen have been on this engine as fitted to Trafic, Primastar and Vivaro vans. 

You can see in the pictures to your left how much corrosion takes place, to the point that the corrosion actually compresses and damages the injectors.

It is inevitable in the worst cases the Injector breaks when being pulled, when this happens we have specially engineered tools to remove the broken part from the head, and years of experience using them.

New Ford EcoBlue 2.0 TDCi

Even on relatively new Ford Ranger, Transit and Transit Custom vans, faulty Injectors are very common.  Unfortunately no succesful measures were employed to prevent water sitting in the cylinder head and seizing the Injector bodies, making removal extremely difficult.

We have the specific adaptor to extract these whilst also clearing the bulkhead to avoid lowering the engine.

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A failed Injector replacement due to poor preparation by another repairer. The cylinder head and seats were not cleaned correctly so the new Injectors are blowing: